It was summer 2015. We were sitting in our one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in the valley of Los Angeles. Like most twentysomethings in LA, we were chasing our dreams. It was difficult to believe in ourselves with so many obstacles in our way. We were looking for something to inspire us. We searched for signs that would tell us it was all going to be OK. We realized if we were searching for inspiration, other women in our situation probably were too. We suddenly didn’t feel so alone in our quest to find a guiding star.

So it began — the plotting, planning, and creating. Our apartment walls were covered in pictures and index cards. During this process, our hope was lifted up. We felt inspired, empowered, and unstoppable. We wished these feelings for everyone. We began sharing our idea with our closest friends both male and female, millennial and non-millennial. We kept hearing a common theme that we did not see coming. Millennials shared they were ashamed of being a part of their generation because of the negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media and society. The non-millennials wholeheartedly believed the negative traits were true because they “saw it” in their respective work fields and daily life.

We felt inspired, empowered, and unstoppable.

Millennial Women was created with the intention to create a space where we can openly converse and exchange perspectives while learning from and with each other. Once we realize we are truly more alike than we are different, we can create change throughout the entire world. Through Millennial Women Talk, our traveling podcast and meetup event, we travel to different cities around the world to meet women of our generation to uncover the challenges they face and create solutions together. As we travel city by city, we have been moved to the core by the women we have met. We’ve learned a lot and accomplished feats we didn’t believe were possible back in our one bedroom, one bathroom apartment three years ago.

We are amazed and deeply moved by the incredible women who make up the millennial generation such as yourself and can’t wait to meet you soon in a city near you! We are honored to have you a part of the womanhood and are truly happy you are here. We hope Millennial Women helps you live your most fulfilled life. We promise to bring you the absolute best value in our content. Always remember you have a voice on our platform.

Keep being the strong, amazing woman that you are, MW, and never forget to live inspired!


Always love,

Melissa + Stephanie Carcache  

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