Breaking Stereotypes

Last week at Millennial Women Inc. we launched our first Millennial Women Talk in Miami, Fla. Women from all walks of life came together to discuss how to break the Miami girl stereotype that affects the women of this community.

Our MW Thought Leader was Ekaterina Juskowski, Creative Director and Founder of Miami Girls Foundation. She helped us lead the conversation in a room filled with Miami women at WeWork Coral Gables. We had the pleasure of speaking with Juskowski about the work the Miami Girls Foundation is doing to suppress the negativity surrounding Miami girls. We also learned more about the foundation’s mission of highlighting women in leadership positions and encouraging women to participate and engage with their own communities.

Although the topic of stereotypes is very complex, Millennial Women Talk Miami was able to go in-depth on a few of the stereotypes surrounding Miami women today. Many are due to the influence of tourism, media, pop culture, TV, and film on the Miami lifestyle.

The Problem

One of the problems we face with stereotypes is that they often revolve around insignificant factors like race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. These factors are minuscule in comparison to what truly makes up who women are as individuals. Personality, life experiences, and talents capture the true essence of women rather than these demographic factors.

Stereotypes cast preconceived judgments on people based off societal factors. They act as a barrier to creating genuine connections with other people. Because we’ve created a false assumption of who a person is before we meet them, it is hard to truly get to know someone new. In regards to the Miami girl stereotype, it has created shame or denial amongst Miami women about the place they call home. We found some women are embarrassed to declare they are from Miami because of the stereotype that exists.

“We are more than our stereotype”

What We Can Do

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