Liz Hernandez is the creator and founder of Wordaful, a content series focused on the importance of how words are used. The topic of conversation at the Los Angeles edition of Millennial Women Talk was “The Power of Words.” We discussed how to approach the challenges of negative communication and speak positive things into fruition to change your life and the lives of those around you.

The best part of the event was that all the women in the room were so willing to be open. Before and after the event, sisterhood was in the air evident via the mixing and mingling happening. It was very heartwarming to witness the willingness of former strangers to share their own personal anecdotes and words of encouragement with each other during the talk with Liz.

I came into the MW talk with the expectation of just discussing words, but Liz dropped some true gems that extended far beyond verbal communications with others. While discussing her morning routine, she mentioned 2 books that aid in her personal devotion as well as setting the tone for her day. 

One of which I own and was so happy to hear her speak highly of its value. The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyers, which I recommend to any and everyone, is a daily devotional that provides words of wisdom in addressing personal challenges women often face in life.

Being mindful means to be in a conscious state, to be aware, to be intentional

Liz discussed the intersection of friendships and your journey to personal betterment. One of the women at the event, discussed how a close friend often compared their progress to hers. This naturally adds an unnecessary pressure and possible wrench in the friendship. I’m sure we are all guilty of judging our friends based on where we think they should be. While this usually is coming from a good place Liz reminded us that no two persons’ journey will be the same and that we must recognize constantly reminding that person of what we perceive as their shortcomings isn’t being a friend.

Creating Mindfulness everyday

Of all the things discussed, I think this idea of mindfulness with me the most. Being mindful means to be in a conscious state, to be aware, to be intentional. As we move through our careers it’s very easy to get caught up in a routine and lose sight of what you’re manifesting in your life. A product of this is time. Liz spoke about the importance of how you allocate your time – getting up early to make sure you go to the gym, taking 5 minutes to recount the things you’re grateful for or simply taking a moment for yourself.

With the amount of stimuli we’re exposed to on a daily basis between social media, work, friends etc. it’s very difficult to slow your brain down sometimes. This makes meditation so crucial because it gives you a moment to reestablish that connection between your mind and your spirit so that you are present in everything that you do. This is a personal goal of mine so I thank Liz, the founders of Millennial Women and all the attendees for creating this space where all these mantras could be reaffirmed. As women, it’s so important that we come together and just talk sometimes. We don’t do it nearly enough and I’m so excited the MW traveling Talks are cultivating this among our generation.

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