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At the MW Talk Nashville, we took home a renewed feeling of confidence and a new set of friends. The talk was led by Melissa and Stephanie Carcache, the founders of Millennial Women, and joined by MW Thought Leader Stephanie May Wilson. Stephanie is a speaker, podcaster, and author of The Lipstick Gospel.

From the start, the MW team was itching to go to Nashville. At the beginning of the summer, we sent out a Google form asking the women of Nashville about the challenges they face every day. We were shocked by the number of complete strangers who chose to share their feelings with us. The Carcache sisters, our CMO Dayana Falcon, and other members of the MW team set out to Nashville to find solutions to the challenges Nashville women want to overcome.

Like most stops on our 2018 podcast tour, the MW Talk Nashville included food, drinks, photos, and friends. The event began with mixing and mingling around light bites provided by Nashville Events & Catering. As usual, we were able to take photos in the photo booth and purchase ‘I Am a Millennial Woman’ merch. But, Nashville was different from all the other cities because it was intimate. We were truly able to get close and comfortable with each other.

The warmth was immediately felt by the crowd when Stephanie May Wilson, our MW Thought Leader, took off her shoes and sat criss-cross on the couch. The crowd was gathered on the couches of the WeWork of East Nashville intently listening to Stephanie’s life journey and advice. We were able to relax and feel at home.

Stephanie spoke about her journey to loving herself and finding her life’s purpose. For the past eight years, Stephanie May has focused on helping women manage all the relationships in their lives including friendships, romantic relationships, and their relationship with God.

We talked a lot about self-love because as Stephanie Carcache said, “You have to love yourself before loving anyone else.” Many women look for their perfect soulmate before truly knowing themselves. Stephanie May Wilson says confidence is key in building new realtionships, whether it’s dating or making a new a friend. She says, “If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful.”


“You have to love yourself before loving anyone else”

Not long into the talk, an MW in the crowd shared her own piece of advice. She said turn compare and despair into compare and repair to better ourselves rather than be envious of others. We catch ourselves comparing ourselves to other women on social media all the time. Instead of beating ourselves up for our shortcomings, we should celebrate the successes and milestones other women are reaching. Everyone is on a different timeline; therefore, we can’t compare our lives to other people on a different timeline than us. After the first MW shared her thoughts, she was followed by other women in the crowd.

Overall, the MW Talk Nashville taught us how to love better. We learned how to love ourselves, how to be a better partner, and how to put our friends first. We encourage you to listen to the podcast MW Talk Nashville – Navigating Life’s Seasons With Thought Leader Stephanie May Wilson to strengthen your relationships in 2019.

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