Until three months ago, there was nothing on GIPHY when you searched ‘Millennial Women’ on Instagram. How could that be possible? No worries ladies, MWs got your back. You are now able to post away on your social media using our new MW gifs! We will walk you through our beautifully designed gifs, and how you can use them to spice up your very own Instagram stories.

MW's Mantras

Enjoy the Journey 

No matter what stage you are in your life, it is all about enjoying the journey. Sometimes we get so caught up mentality that we should be checking boxes in our lives like getting a specific job or getting into a relationship. We can’t live life waiting to have those moments; instead, we have to create those moments for ourselves! Instead of stressing, I remind myself to embrace everything I have at the moment, flaws and all.

Fail Forward

Fail. A word no one ever likes to hear. As women, we are taught to be and act perfectly. We constantly have this facade we create: whether it be in our personal lives, appearances, or careers, we hate not being perfect. Instead of striving to be perfect, we should be brave and make mistakes. It’s all about taking chances and accepting failure as it comes. No matter how hard we try, failure is inevitable. What we can control is how we choose to overcome and learn from it. We must keep failing forward.

Lessons from our MW Talk Thought Leaders

Go be proud, MW

Founder and Creative Director Ekaterina Juskowski from the Miami Girls Foundation pushed us to be proud of our roots. She helped to tear down negative stereotypes and embrace where we are from. Now, our #MiamiGirls can announce where they are from without being judged without reason.

Go Wonder, MW

Amber Rae taught us how to choose Wonder Over Worry. Often times, we put so much pressure on ourselves that we worry about everything. In hindsight, many of the things we worry about don’t truly matter. Instead of worrying, we should find wonder in everything we do. If we are scared, it means we are growing and stepping out of our comfort zone. If we feel lost, we are on the verge of a breakthrough. When we choose mindfulness is when we can truly see the truth of what we are experiencing.

Go empower through words, MW

Words have power. Everything we say carries weight and energy. Starting from our thoughts, which eventually translate into our actions. Liz Hernandez shows us how powerful words can be through her company Wordaful. If we become knowledgeable and choose to be mindful, we must feed ourselves those words of positivity.  

Go enjoy your single season, MW

In life, we go through seasons and the single life is definitely one of them. As the wise Madea  once said, “Some people come in your life for a lifetime and some come for a season, but you have to know which is which.” We definitely loved having relationship-guru Stephanie May Wilson at our Nashville event. In life, we must navigate important relationships such as romantic, friendships, work, and even yourself. This is why your single season is so important. Building a relationship with yourself and truly loving who you are will help with you have stronger relationships in every area.

How you can use MW GIPHY on your Instagram Stories

    1. Pick the picture of your choosing on your Instagram story (preferably a cute pic with you and your gal pals!)
    2. At the top right corner, click the happy page icon
    3. Click GIF
    4. Type in Millennial. The GIFS should already begin to pop up, but if you want only our GIFS type in Millennial Women.
    5. Share to your story and tag @wearemillennialwomen to be featured on our social media account!

There you have it! We are so grateful for you all. In the short span of three months, we have gotten over 5+ million views/downloads from those using our GIFS. We can’t wait to see more of your Instagram stories!

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