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Hey MW,


We’re celebrating Mother’s Day a little differently this year. I am Millennial Women released the “Live Inspired” Tee just in time for Mother’s Day. Our new tee reminds us of the things and people who inspire us each day — including our moms. Here are some other reasons to wear our Live Inspired Tee:


Inspired by the incredible women who have come before us with the intention to inspire the generation that comes after, the Live Inspired tee embodies the powerful spirit of all women to live an inspiring life each day.


We cause a chain reaction of inspiration; we live inspired and show up as our best selves so the people around us can do the same. We are the example in everything we do for the next women to emulate and be inspired by.


Everyday struggles can make you forget the strength you hold inside. This tee is a reminder to pull from the inspiration of women that came before you and live every day as an inspiration for yourself and for others. Even on tough days, you can look in the mirror and know you have it in you.


This tee lets you radiate the inspiration you want to embrace. Conquer every day with the same resilience and motivation you envision in your mind.

We believe in living socially conscious lives. By showing up, every day as the best version of ourselves, our life can serve as an example of inspiration for those all around. We hope you wear this tee proudly as a strong, amazing woman that you are and never forget to


Always love,

Melissa and Stephanie Carcache


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