One thing I’ve never liked doing was asking for help. I always felt that I had to figure things out on my own. Hearing the word “no” scared me, which is why I would never ask anyone for anything. This restricted me from growth for so long. Whenever I needed anything from my parents, help, advice, you name it, I would hesitate to ask. If I didn’t understand something in class I would be hesitant to ask my teacher to go over it with me. I had to learn how to put this insecurity aside. Currently, I am in the process of developing a business within the skincare industry. Because of the nature of the industry, I must constantly ask questions to ensure I am on the right path.

Ever since I was a little girl my parents knew I had a hard time asking people for things. I even had a hard time asking someone for a glass of water if I was over their house. It wasn’t because I was shy, it was because I never wanted to be of an inconvenience to anyone—I still don’t.

My parents would tell me “The answer is always NO if you never ask” and that stuck to me like white on rice. Now, whenever I hesitate to ask for something, I replay my parents saying in my head. Don’t get me wrong, it took some more convincing to get over my fear.

“The answer will always be no if you never ask”

Here’s what I did and am still doing to get over my fear of asking questions:  

  1. What’s the worst that can happen?

Someone tells you “no”? We shouldn’t be afraid to hear the word no and we shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone no… but that’s another story for different day!

  1. Set short term goals.

Like I said I’m in the process of experimenting a business idea within the skincare industry. I will never get there if I continue to sit and wait for help. So, I set short term goals to help make everything a lot easier for me. This won’t overwhelm me.

  1. Network.

Make connections. This goes for anything you do. The more people you know the more resources you have.

  1. Be open minded.

Sometimes I get so set on an idea that isn’t feasible, so being open to advice and opportunity is key. If you’re going the entrepreneurial route, this is crucial because things will constantly change and restructure before you are established.

Simple, easy, and to the point. It may seem like a small insecurity but it is something many people go through and girl you are not alone!


Madison, Social Media Community Manager for Millennial Women, Inc.

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