Q&A with founder Sarah Patton from Creative Souls Tribe

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

“I’ve been in Nashville for 14 years. I’m originally from a small town in northwest Tennessee called Union City. I then moved here in 2004 to attend school at Vanderbilt. I fell in love with Nashville. From there I worked in corporate America. I found that corporate America kind of stifled my creativity and what I really wanted to do and accomplish in life. From there I started my first business. I quit my job after a few years of owning that to do it full time.”


What is Creative Souls Tribe and how did you start it?

“[It was created] to help inspire, equip, and challenge, which is what our mission is. It’s not everyone leaving their corporate job. But whatever area of life you want to focus on, whether its fitness or relational or your career, how can you take it to the next level? So many of us get trapped in that day in and day out routine and we just live it. We don’t even recognize that we’re kind of on that hamster wheel. Creative Souls Tribe really helps women to step up and to be the best version of themselves.”


What do you feel like has been the best part of creating your company and why?

“I would say the best part is that we have the flexibility to create events that are out of the box. Every idea that we have come up with no one was really doing it before us.  The women in the tribe email us ideas. We have an event called “Hustle Hours,” which is the time of goal setting and accountability. We’ll get between 10 to 15 women. Each person comes and they introduces themselves and “share a win,” which is something that is really important in our tribe. Then we set three goals [for ourselves]. Whenever they come back the next month, we check out the goals that they accomplished. It’s not a big deal and whether you hit your goals or not, but it gives you accountability. Accountability is so key in continuing to grow and thrive and move forward.


We love that people in the tribe are able to come to us and share their ideas. We can collaborate or brainstorm recommendations we may not have thought of. I love coming up with fun activities for the tribe, whether they are speaker events or just a girls nights out. Sometimes we just need to let our hair down and not have any kind of agenda. That’s probably our favorite part is just being able to do and create events that [the tribe] really wants to do.”

Describe to me the most challenging yet rewarding experience of making Creative Souls. What did you learn from it?

“Oh my goodness. There have been so many challenging parts. The 2017 Conference that we hosted on November 11th  would have to be the most challenging thing that we had done. We had 13 speakers. It was a day long conference and we had a lot of attendees. I was so overwhelmed by everything. I was so thankful for my committee of women who helped serve, brainstorm, and show up when I needed them. They really helped piece everything together. We were so excited to host the conference, but then were so relieved when it was over because nobody sees the behind the scenes. It was one of the biggest things that we have done. We still have people come up to us and talk about that conference and how they learned so much.”


What has been your favorite event that you hosted and why?

“My overall favorite event would be an event that we call Becoming Her. We talk about removing the mask that you hide behind. Halfway through the event, all the attendees remove their makeup. We have taken that event into five universities around Middle Tennessee and in corporate America. It’s been really awesome to just see that event in itself take off and be something of its own. Having women talk about things that really matter. Whether it’s the makeup or not, that mask you’re hiding behind. What walls have you built and how can you slowly begin to tear them down?”

Describe to me challenges that women in Nashville and facing and what are some resources you are giving to those women?

“A challenge would be asking women to be confident in who they are. We always try to remind people that everybody starts from somewhere and you just have to start today. The person who may have 100,000 followers, they may have been in the game longer than you. And so to keep that in mind and not compare yourself to that. I think Creative Souls Tribe is that stepping stone. We’re here to help people get that initial boost of confidence to be able to catapult them into their next season of life.”

How can women stay in touch with you and connect with you?

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