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What inspired you to create The Blog Societies and My Style Vita?

Eight years ago I was working at my first real day job out of college as a revenue accountant. After a few months, I quickly realized the reality of this career. I was not interested in balancing accounts and reaching out to my clients for their past due invoices. The corporate environment was also very conservative and i was one of very few young people in the office. Needless to say, I was very unhappy everyday going into the office.  I decided to look at the things I enjoyed, writing, fashion and so on, and decided to start a writing portfolio. 8 years ago, blogs weren’t what they were today. There were very few of them and I started what was a blog not even realizing it was a blog. After writing a few posts and starting to stumble onto other real blogs, I quickly decided I wanted to try putting some effort into this. I was seeing bloggers share their daily looks and I thought ‘I could do that’! So I started documenting what I was wearing and eventually it grew into what My Style Vita is today.

As for The Blog Societies, this started in 2012 after I reached out to a fellow blogger in the area, Poor Little It Girl. As a new blogger, I just wanted to network and meet like minded people in my industry in the city. Cathy and I grabbed a cocktail and became instant friends. We quickly realized that we needed a better place to find fellow bloggers at the time and also be able to support one another with the uncharted territory that blogging was. We were all figuring it out as we went along and leaned on each other heavily. We decided to launch at the time, Southern Blog Society, to connect like minded bloggers from across the Southeast. After 2 years, and our first two events, we decided to expand nationally to allow all bloggers from across the country to join and be a part of this network. It’s a great place to bounce ideas off of one another, obtain downloadable resources and connect.

We highlight members weekly and also provide helpful articles to help better our members and readers in the blogging world. Every August we also host an a blog conference for bloggers. This year’s event will be held at Barnsley Resort August 16-18th. It’s an immersive 3 days of workshops, networking, brand hosted events and lots of fun. Our workshops cover so much from SEO, branding, Instagram, pitching and pricing and more. It’s truly a great way to motivate and take your blog to the next level

How would you describe your business and websites?

My Style Vita is a place for women to come for practical tips for a more put together life. Whether it be learning how to do beach waves in their hair the right way, to styling a little black dress for a date to whipping up a delicious cocktail for friends. I love to use the term “elevated everyday” because I truly believe little tips here and there and make your life feel much more special with minimal effort.

What is the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur?

The most challenging part about being an entrepreneur, especially in such a new industry, is navigating the future. What will it look like, how will it evolve and where will my place be in it. It’s truly the one thing that brings me major stress and anxiety. Wondering what 10 years will look like down the road. The other difficult part is the constant hustling. There really is no off time it seems and you’re always looking for your next project. It’s a constant mentality to build your sales funnel with opportunities and hope they work out. Between inbound inquiries to my own pitching of brands, I have to constantly be aware of what I’m doing next.

What was the reason you decided to create your companies?

My blog truly was created out of a hobby where I was looking to get some creative experience in. I wanted to write, I wanted to be in fashion, so someone told me to start a blog. Something I knew nothing about. It slowly evolved over time and has become what it is today. I actually wrote an article on this process.

To you, what is the hardest part of being a millennial woman in Atlanta? What are some of the challenges?  What are some resources you are giving to those women? Or what are some resources you wish you had?

That’s part of the reason why we started The Blog Societies was to bring together bloggers who had similar interests and wanted to connect and learn from one another. I think it’s so powerful to have women in your life who you can lean on when it comes to business, life, personal and so on.

Explain to me the conference you have coming up. Why is this conference important to you and to women?

Conferences are a wonderful learning and  networking opportunity. This event will be 3 days long. Starting out with a big kick off welcome party with some major brands like Kendra Scott, Cosmedix, Marc Fisher, Yankee Candle, La Croix and Essie to name a few. These brands will be there in person to network and meet with influencers to build relationships with. Then we host several amazing workshops to help bloggers better their business. From learning how to do SEO better for better search engining traffic, to building a cohesive brand, to pitching and pricing. We truly believe that this industry is best learned from our peers and we bring in experts in these topics to chat more in an intimate environment to easily learn and apply these new lessons to their business today. Then we head into our general session with speakers like Jess Ann Kirby who has built an incredible lifestyle brand. Podia will chat about expanding into new revenues from downloadable resources to online courses for your business. Manu of Your Social Team who’s based in Atlanta will chat all things Instagram. And lastly we have Brittany Stevens of Lawyer Lookbook to discuss the legal matters of blogging today.

How can women stay in touch with you and connect with you?  

Please be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest @mystylevita. I also have a weekly newsletter with a recap of posts, a personal note and more so you don’t miss a thing. 

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