Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. 

Hi! My name is Tata Tickaradze, I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, at the age of 6, my family and I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the pursuit of the American Dream. I’m still after that dream today, however, I know that dreams don’t work unless you do! I’m always putting family and friends first but my entrepreneur skills activated when I was just 5 years old selling my parents home goods at the corner of our street. I sold a $35,000 vase for 5 lari (Georgian currency), which is equivalent to $1.86. Don’t worry, I sold it to one of our neighbors so we were able to get it back, lol.

I’ve always had that entrepreneur mentality even at such a young age and I think this is why I love working for myself so much now. I’ve had over 40 different jobs in various different industries, this was something I used to be ashamed of until I realized the amount of knowledge and experience I possess. I’m able to use this knowledge and experience every day with my digital agency, To The Moon Social.

Copy of Copy of The best part of being an entrepreneur and 100% owner of both my business has been my freedom

Before I launched the digital agency or Barter + Be the road was bumpy, however, I knew that each challenge would lead to an opportunity of growth.

In 2014 I decided to move to California to chase even bigger dreams and launched my first business, To The Moon Social in 2015 and Barter + Be in 2018. I live my life for the highest of moments, the stuff in between is nice too but those magical moments are the ones that drive me. It could be reading a happy barter story, spending the day at Disney, getting a thank you note from a friend or having a yummy dinner with family. I live life absolutely to the fullest and try my best to never let fear be the driver.

In fact, I welcome fear, it’s in that space where I learn and thrive most. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet of what I hope to accomplish.

I’m after that American dream! Let’s do this!


What is Barter + Be / To the Moon Social and how did you start it? 

Barter + Be is a curated female community of entrepreneurs exchanging essential goods and services without utilizing capital. To The Moon, Social is an LA-based digital agency that aims to make you and your brand stand out in a crowd. I started the agency so that I could leverage my social media skills to barter and build Barter + Be. I created Barter + Be to help female entrepreneurs like myself get the things they need for their businesses to succeed without tapping into their wallet. I knew if I could build Barter + Be completely by bartering, that others could too!


What do you feel has been the best part of creating your companies/agencies and why?

The best part of being an entrepreneur and 100% owner of both my business has been my freedom! I get to decide who I want to work with, what kind of clients I want to have and when I want to work – disclaimer if you own your own business, you know that you really have to work all the time but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The alternative never worked for me, trust me I tried every industry. Turns out I don’t like having a boss or being told what to do.


Tata company goals


What’s your take on the term “entrepreneurship”? What does it mean to you?

I love love this question! So let’s define entrepreneur shall we – entrepreneur – a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so. I think today’s climate makes people who are freelancers think that they are entrepreneurs but by definition, not everyone falls into this box. I feel true entrepreneurship is just as the definition says – owning one or more business, taking on more work and financial risk in hopes you can turn your business ventures into profit so you can build more business. Both Barter + Be and To The Moon Social support each other and I’ve taken massive risks with both businesses in the financial realm – without investing back into your business your business can’t grow and thrive.


What is one quick & easy social media tip we can learn from you? 😉 (you can make this one fun)

Social media is evolving every day so you have to evolve with it. Right now you should be pushing and putting all your energy into IG stories and communicating with your audience by commenting back to comments within a 60min time frame from when your post deploys. Study your insights and tailor your content strategy around that. I know you said one tip but I couldn’t help myself.




How can women stay in touch with you and connect with you? (social media links)


Tata’s Bio:


A multimedia company that curates inspiring and resourceful content for the women of our generation.

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