Here at Millennial Women, feeling confident and inspired as we take on the days’ challenge is a must! 

As we strive for global womanhood unity, we believe our sense of comfort is just as crucial as being ambitious and empowered throughout our journey. 

During our Millennial Women Talk Tour, Melissa and Stephanie Carcache, co-founders of MW, discuss challenges and overcoming obstacles they’ve faced. This includes when they found the game-changer brand, Uncommon Sense, that aims to improve women’s lifestyles.   

We knew firsthand their pieces would make any woman feel stylish and luxurious without eliminating comfort so a partnership together with Uncommon Sense felt natural! 

“Uncommon Sense made us feel supported, comfortable, and rested as we traveled city by city meeting incredible millennial women like you,” said Stephanie Carcache. “From bed to brunch and from travel to work, Uncommon Sense was right there with us every step of the way.” 

By providing smart solutions in these categories, such as sleepwear, swimwear, bras, and panties, we felt secure and supported in our journey. 

From the seamless hip-hugger and racerback bralette to the softest jumpsuit and dreamers & doers cotton pajama set, it became apparent these pieces slip effortlessly in our daily routine.  

Jumpsuit Template

No longer did we feel the necessity to choose chic over comfort as these versatile pieces gave us the chance to experience both at the same time. This feminine-forward company has given women the holy grail to experience feeling beautiful in every shape and form. 

Every woman should feel sensual and ooze body confidence as they strut throughout their day, and we know Uncommon Sense offers those key factors and more. 

Think about it, how many lingerie’s are versatile to transition from day to night events? More importantly, at reasonable prices too. 

The answer is very few. 

Unlike most lingerie, this digital platform delivers remarkable leisure-worthy pieces inclusive of all body types while catering to individuality. The very essence of this brand is to not box women into choosing if she’s casual or sexy, instead it is about feeling comfortable and looking great at the same time. 

Copy of Feeling Inspire

At prices ranging between $12 and $80, we know chic and comfort have become a reality for women. 

No longer is discomfort an option for us. From here on out, Uncommon Sense will be a staple at Millennial Women, Inc.! 

 Shop these stunning pieces and more by visiting Uncommon Sense and follow at @myuncommonsense today!


Written by,

Yanaisis Collazo, Blog/Website & Social Media Manager Intern




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