It’s easy for women to get bogged down in the struggles of daily life. We often berate ourselves and worry, getting caught up in the anxiety brought on by society, our peers, and ourselves. It’s easy to forget to take the time to celebrate our lives and the lives of our sisters. At the live podcast and meet up event in Austin, we worked to empower women to help them discover how they can do just that. We learned that when we celebrate our lives and the lives of each other, we empower one another to make a positive change in the world. 

My Start

These women are so amazing and accomplished. That was my first thought when I joined Millennial Women as the Austin Ambassador. Our founders, Melissa and Stephanie, had an easy confidence, communicating both compassion and competence in how they held themselves and spoke with others. I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated when starting out as an ambassador for the MW podcast event. 

Interestingly, though, the event for which I was planning was on exactly that topic: celebrating yourself and confidently chasing your dreams. 

A Gathering of Like-Minded Women 

On June 18th the Millennial Women of Austin gathered together at WeWork in Austin for a truly unforgettable night. Austin is a hotbed of creativity, and the same could be said of the Austinites who attended our event. Women from many different backgrounds joined us as we learned how to pick yourself up and go after your dreams. There were designers, acupuncturists, activists and many more colorful characters. We joined together as women and discussed what inspires us, what encourages us, and we learned how we can pursue our dreams with courage. Our founders and thought leader, in particular, helped everyone learn how to do just that. 

Dream chasing

We are All Capable

Co-founders Melissa and Stephanie Carcache along with the inspiring thought leader Jordan Jones led the audience in an inspirational discussion on dreams, self-love, and the celebration of your life. Jordan Jones taught us about the importance of hard work, alone time, and calling your mom! 

Millennial Women

Jordan worked hard to grow from a confused girl at a very low point in her life into a powerful woman who runs her own business. Through this growth, she’s learned how to simultaneously take care of herself and those around her. She spoke sincerely about the complexities of starting Packed Party and juggling the challenges found along the way. Jordan had been fired, faced constant rejection, and even resorted to walking dogs to bring in some money, but none of these challenges prevented her from becoming the inspiration that she is today. In fact, it was her personal struggles that got her there, “failures” and all. That is the magic of “success.” You are never too low to learn from your struggles and turn them into your dreams. 

Living out Our Dreams 

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One of the most powerful anecdotes Jordan shared was when she discussed going to interviews for jobs while running Packed Party and having the interviewees recognize her

This made her realize that it was time to go full force into creating her dream (literally — the idea for her company came to her in a dream) come true. She knew it was time to turn the pity party into an actual party. And while Jordan’s focus heavily shifted to business, she also made sure to remind us how vital it is to not forget to do the work on yourself amidst the chaos of chasing your dreams. We talked journaling, therapy and much more!

Be inspirational

Discovering What Inspires Us 

During the podcast, our founders also shared stories from their own lives. Melissa discussed how she and her sister started out living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment together when they were young and confused. And now? They’ve created a multimedia company we all know as Millennial Women, Inc. They know from experience that when women band together and celebrate each other and themselves, they can do amazing things. At this event, they passed on that passion and belief to all the attendees. 

Millennial Women

Only Together Can We Celebrate our Lives 

At the event, Jordan, Melissa, and Stephanie received much praise from the audience members who would chime in to thank them and ask them business as well as personal advice. One of my favorite audience questions was, “What can we do to support dreamers like you?” 

Millennial Women

As women, we have great power, especially when we celebrate each other. After the talk, all of the women mingled took pictures with their new friends and enjoyed the food, beverages, and goodies provided by the wonderful sponsors. We all left more inspired, more connected, and more enthusiastic about our own dreams. 

Most of all, as we networked and communicated with the women around us, we were reminded how, in order to live out our individual dreams and celebrate our own lives, we need each other. And I realized that I never needed to be intimidated by the women I worked with, or any women. Other women aren’t our competitors, they’re our supporters, our allies, and our teammates, We need other women in our network so we can all encourage each other. At Millenial Women, that’s our goal, to empower, strengthen, and celebrate our fellow women.

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