Often times we let society dictate what is “worthy” of pursuing. You know the feeling…right after you tell someone what you do as a creative, there’s a weird pause and then an “oh that’s nice” sort of comment. You question yourself. You underestimate your abilities. You now have a feeling of “is what I’m doing good enough?” 

I’m here to give you some tips on pushing those feelings and barriers out of your way while pursuing your creative career. 

Do what you love  

It’s easy to let people influence your decisions & feelings when you aren’t whole-heartedly in love with what you do. The first tip to overcoming societal barriers of pursuing a creative career is to know that regardless of their opinions, you are doing what makes you happy.

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Try to educate

When people aren’t on the same wavelength, it can be hard for them to understand why you do what you do…or even understand what you do in the first place. So try to come to conversations with the hope to educate people who may not understand your career choice. They are conditioned to think the way they do, so try to be the first voice to steer their thoughts toward a more positive view on creative careers. 

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Don’t think too much about the money

The “starving artist” stereotype that creatives tend to get is highly overrated and simply not true anymore. With social media and so many ways to connect with people everywhere and open your own shops, you have the ability to now make a living off of your creativity. That being said, the money will come when you stop trying to fit your passions to it. Make what you want to make, and someone will appreciate it. 


Understand that creativity is needed in this world

Everything you look at has been created, thought about, made. That chair you’re sitting in, the wallpaper in your favorite cafe, your coffee mug. Without creativity, none of these things would exist…and they most certainly wouldn’t exist with any fun or character. Once you realize that you are sitting on your own skill sets that could make these things, you’ll understand just how much creativity is needed. 

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Find your people

This is a big one. Look for and find people who are also living their creative lives. Does this mean you can’t have friends from all walks of life? No. But you should have a reasonable amount of people you look up to or who support your endeavors. If you aren’t surrounding yourself with like-minded people, you will fall into the trap of wanting to change what you are trying to pursue in order to fit in with your crowd. FIND YOUR PEOPLE. 

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Once you’ve gotten through all of these, I want you to grab a copy of We’re All Creative’s 10 tips for starting your creative business. This is your next step to taking on your dreams!


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