The holidays are around the corner. Everyone is getting ready to shop in stores till closing time, keeping up with countless parties, and powering through endless activities. 

During this time, catching one’s breath is no longer a priority. From Halloween to New Year’s, your sleep routine is irregular, and yet you feel invincible. 

You start to wonder, “Who needs sleep? Not this gal!”

The truth is you need it more than you think. Before you put on your Santa hat, it’s time to put on your sleeping cap for a good night’s rest. 

Follow these tips, and you’ll have quality shut-eye during the holiday season. 

Be Proactive Before the Holidays

Preparing for the holidays is stressful. From October till January, each month consists of different decorations, preparations, and meals. 

Everyone knows when Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s land. Around these special days, there’s plenty to do, but never enough time to get it all done.  

The solution – stop procrastinating.  

Taking the time to schedule ourselves at a comfortable pace will give you the satisfaction of accomplishing your tasks well.  

Get ahead and buy your Halloween costume early. Start looking up recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner a week before. Be diligent, and begin Christmas shopping for your relatives and friends soon. 

By jump-starting your holiday planning, you can look forward to having a goodnight’s rest each night. No longer will you feel sleep deprived and moody. 


For most women, exercising during the holidays is hard. We kid ourselves into going back to the gym on Monday or making it our New Year’s resolution.

I understand. Does it sound tempting to quit for a short time? Yes. Is it the right choice to make? Absolutely not.  

Whether we like it or not, keeping up with our workout is a necessity. Not only is it beneficial for the body, it also helps induce a deeper sleep. 

To achieve sleeping all night without any disturbance, you must exercise three to four hours before going to bed. 

Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine

From eggnogs to champagne, we drink and toast about anything and everything during the holidays. 

Indeed, it’s a time for celebration, but too much intake can disrupt your sleeping pattern. 

 Bummer, right? 

Alcohol is a depressant. Yes, it makes you tired and fall asleep faster, but it decreases your REM sleep, which causes you to wake up. 

Another risk? Alcohol can potentially make you snore louder than usual.

As for caffeine, it’s best to ingest earlier in the day than late at night. Caffeine acts as a stimulant. 

Not only is it in your coffee, but teas, sodas, and those yummy chocolate treats. 

It’s best to steer clear of that!


Keeping up with the holiday spirit can take its toll. 

When it’s not one thing, it’s another. It comes to no surprise your cortisol level can skyrocket. 

The old saying, “Stop and smell the roses,” has some truth to it. It’s time to bring out your inner ‘om’ and release all the tension you’ve built up. 

Take a ten-minute break to inhale and exhale deeply throughout your day. As a result, your mind and body will feel more at ease. As the day draws near, it’s best to meditate before bed. 

Whether it with a guided meditation app or the old fashion way, you can expect your sleep quality to improve during the busiest time of year. 

Be Present

The holidays can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, but it also brings joy and excitement. 

There’s this unique quality to the air that has everyone grinning from cheek to cheek. You’re thrilled to have your love ones around during this time. Being with the ones you love makes it more special.

That is why you should not stress over cleaning your house before guests arrive or if one of your decorations gets broken by your nephew. 

It’s important to remember to be in the here and now. 

Before going to bed, leave all the things that went wrong in the day and think only about the genuine moments. Doing so will help with sleeping throughout the night.

Another way to sleep soundlessly is to be mindful, a stress management technique, to help improve your quality of sleep. 

 The Next Step

Overall, having a healthy sleeping habits can make you feel revitalize and recharge. Take the time to incorporate these tips into your daily routine to see results almost instantly! 

When Sleep is sound, health and happiness abound


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