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Ekaterina Juskowski-Zain, Thought Leader

Thought Leader

Meet out Miami,Fl Thought Leader Ekaterina Juskowski-Zain! She is the Founder and Creative Director of Miami Girls Foundation. We had the pleasure of speaking with Juskowski about the work the Miami Girls Foundation is doing to suppress the negativity surrounding Miami girls.

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Hugette Montesinos, Miami Contributor
Natalia Bonilla, Contributor
Tristan Petashnick, Contributor
Tristan Petashnick, Contributor

Meet our three Miami Contributors: Hugette Montesinos, Natalia Bonilla and Tristan Petashnick. Bonilla is journalist, project manager and storyteller based in Miami, Fl. Petashnick is an actress also based in Miami, Fl and Montesinos is the Editor and Chief of Disfunkshion Magazine. Disfunkshion is a “dynamic movement designed to exhort every woman under the sun to experience the highest standard of living, ultimately leading to the exploration and re-discovery of unceasing gratitude, love for the self and others, peace, truth, patience, service, sisterhood and the evolution of character.”

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Meet our Miami, Fl Mentor Leigh-Ann Buchanan! She is the Founding Executive Director of Venture Café Miami, an organization working towards creating a culture of innovation in Miami, Fl. Buchanan is also the Founder of the Nyah Project, a non-profit that provides fellowships for diverse youth from underserved communities.

Buchanan sat with us to discuss various topics surrounding leadership, listen below✨

Leigh-Ann Buchanan, Miami Mentor

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