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Stephanie May Wilson, Thought Leader

Thought Leader

The Millennial Women Talk Tour Travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to meet the charming women of the south and MW Thought Leader Stephanie May Wilson. Stephanie is a speaker, podcaster and author of the Lipstick Gospel.Her mission for the past eight years has been to help women manage all the relationships in their lives.

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Cortney Edmondson, Contributor
Hanna Seymour, Contributor

Our Contributors are Kailey Dickerson, Hanna Seymour and Cortney Edmondson. Kailey is a documenter, creator and writer. Hanna is a mother, blogger and the author of the College Girls Survival Guide. Finally Cortney Edmondson is a speaker, advocate and trauma survivor. The women talk about romantic relationships, being single, marriage and the road to finding the one.

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Meet our Nashville, TN Mentor Mignon Francois. Mignon is a self-made millionaire and devout disciple of God. The women talk about how God always shows up, even when life throws the most challenging obstacles.

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Mignon Francois, Mentor

Event Recap

Some of our Faves!

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