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Amber Rae, Thought Leader

Thought Leader

Amber Rae is our New York Thought Leader! She is an artist, speaker and author of the book Choose Wonder Over Worry. Rae encourages emotional wellness and personal growth, she wants everyone to be their truest and most courageous selves.

Listen to our podcast where we got to sit with her and talk about how to overcome those worry myths that cause some of our most self-limiting behaviors.


Erin Bagwell, Contributor
Michelle Poler, Contributor
Vivian Nuñez, Contributor

Meet our three New York Contributors: Erin Bagwell, Michelle Poler and Vivian Nuñes. Bagwell is the director of Dream, Girl film, the co-host of the podcast Beaver Talk and the founder of Feminist Wednesday. Poler is a speaker, Youtuber, Influencer and creator of Hello Fears. Nuñes is a writer, public speaker, mental health advocate and founder of 2DamnYoung.

Listen to our podcast below where we sit with our contributors and talk about leading a passion-filled life and turning those passions into thriving and self-fulfilling careers.


Meet our New York Mentor, Abby Auerbach. She is the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at TVB focusing specifically on advocacy for local broadcast television as an advertising medium and the creator of Sol La La.

Listen to our podcast where she talks about her career journey and her passions, as well as giving MWs advice like “You can have it all, but not all at the same time.”

Abby Auerbach, Mentor

Some of our faves!

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