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Want to be a Thought Leader, Contributor, or Mentor on the Millennial Women Talk Podcast? Or a MW Blogger for Millennial Women?

Nominate yourself or an amazing millennial woman today!

MW Thought Leader

MW Thought Leaders are some of the world’s leading women of today. They offer us a chance to learn and grow by sharing the knowledge they have gained through their years of experience in areas of life including love, finances, health, career and more!

MW Contributor

MW Contributors are millennial women doing amazing things in cities around the world. Whether she is a student, a mother, 9 to 5er, or all of the above! An MW Contributor shares her voice while giving us tips and motivation to conquer the challenges we face.

MW Mentor

MW Mentors who provide deeper knowledge on some of life’s most challenging topics while shedding light on ways to overcome them by sharing their personal life experiences, thoughts and perspectives.

MW Blogger

MW Bloggers are women with fresh perspectives who are eager to provide resources to the Millennial Womanhood to spread their knowledge to us all.

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