Millennial Women Talk is a traveling podcast and meet up event where our founders Melissa and Stephanie Carcache get the chance to sit down to discuss life challenges and solutions with some of the worlds leading thought leaders, millennial women contributors and ground breaking women who have come before us as we travel city by city. Share, Grow and Ignite the life you want to live!

Thought Leaders

An inspiring woman who is interviewed by founders Melissa and Stephanie Carcache in front of a live audience in a meet-up setting. Our thought leaders help lead the conversation at our Millennial Women Talk events where our attendees get to join in and be apart of the dialogue covering topics of high value in an open floor format.


Three Millennial Women are chosen in each city to sit down with founders Melissa and Stephanie Carcache to discuss some of the challenges they are facing where they live and talk about ways we can overcome them.


A woman who provides deeper knowledge on some of life’s most challenging topics while shedding light on ways to overcome them by sharing their personal life experiences, thoughts, and perspectives as they sit down with founders Melissa and Stephanie Carcache.

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